Tubber Drama Group presents

Never Kiss a Naughty Nanny

by Michael Parker                                                      Directed by Jackie Madden

Wednesday 22nd November – Sunday 26th November

Tickets: €12 / €10

For bookings phone 090 6482042 or email info@tuarard.ie

Mr. Broadbent is a developer and builder who has created “The House of The Future” with self-lighting fireplaces, a self-cleaning bathroom, automatic closets, and other future innovations. The problem is, it has remained unsold for four years – mostly due to the fact that most of his futuristic innovations fail to work properly. But, at last, he finds prospective buyers, Fred and Gladys McNicoll who are invited to spend an evening in the house. To ensure a sale, Mr. Broadbent also bribes two of his employees, Casey Cody and Ben Adams, to pose as a married couple renting the house, and makes sure his maintenance man, Eddie Cott, is around to insure all gadgets work. A comedic rollercoaster of twists and turns ensues in this classic farce.