‘Creativity Diversity’ Exhibition

An exhibition of paintings by the group ‘Combined Artists’ launched at the Tuar Ard Arts Centre on Friday, July 5th at 8 pm. The group ‘Combined Artists’ was set up in May 2018 by Helena O’ Connor and Loretta Costello. The group consists of five artists: Lori Quinn, Hazel Spollen, Sara Villarreal-Hough, Loretta Costello and Helena O’ Connor. These artists are all former students of the Art and Craft course at Moate Business College. The idea for the group emerged when they realised that in order to continue their practice they needed a place where like minded artists could come together to create art. With the help of Tuar Ard, they secured a room where they meet twice a week. There is a special sort of camaraderie within the space where they work, share ideas and support each other.
Even though we are all like- minded in terms of art, we are all individuals where painting is concerned. Individuality shows throughout this exhibition which demonstrates our diversity of styles, medium and themes”. The exhibition entitled ’Creative Diversity’ was launched on Friday, July 5th at 8 pm and will run until the end of August.