Classes & Workshops at Tuar Ard: Meditation with Energy Healing

Tuesday 8th October from 8pm to 9pm for 8 weeks, €8.00 per class.

This class combines two powerful tools – Energy Healing and Mindful Meditation and offers a chance for people to tune into themselves and find a level of calm where the feverish pace of everyday life can be stilled. Combining these practices heightens the internal energy within and allows us to direct our attention to what is happening right here, right now, with an attitude of kindness towards ourselves. This experience leads to a deeper sense of serenity which in turn can bring about a more insightful quality of consciousness, increasing our ability to give and receive healing, develop patience, compassion and increase our sense of wellbeing.

During the class Annette leads the group through guided and silent meditation while weaving in healing imagery, positive messages, mindfulness techniques, breath work, visualisation and chanting.
Places limited by availability. For information and bookings please call Annette on 087 6045260.