Tuar Ard Film Club Presents Balloon

Thursday 19th December, 8pm, €5 (N.B. Please note that the date for this has changed from Tuesday 17th December)

East Germany 1979. Electrician Peter Strelzyk and his bricklayer friend Günther Wetzel are tired of the strict Cold War regime under which they live, and want to provide a better future for their families. They come up with a daring plan – to secretly build a homemade hot-air balloon, which will carry them and their families over the border to freedom.

They need favourable weather conditions to ensure that the balloon can transport them safely. But the Stasi has learned of a possible escape attempt and is starting to close in. The families may not be able to wait any longer to pull off their dangerous plan.

Based on true events, Michael Herbig’s thrilling drama recreates this incredible story.

Director: Michael Herbig

Runtime: 125 minutes

Genre: Drama

Language: German (English Subtitles)

Certificate: 12A

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