Scary Halloween Stories with Seosamh Ó Maolalaí!

Thursday October 31st, 4pm, €5

Seosamh Ó Maolalaí is a storyteller who tells all kinds of stories, but at Halloween he tells scary stories … really, really scary stories. So bring your mammy or your daddy or your big brother or sister or someone who can mind you! But Seosamh likes a laugh too so don’t be too afraid!!
So ghosts and ghouls, and taibhsí and púcaí, and blood-sucking vampires and flesh-eating zombies, and witches and all the rest – don’t bring any of them along with you to Seosamh’s Scary Halloween Stories because they’d be too afraid to sleep on their own afterwards and you might have to get into the bed with them to keep them happy!!
Suitable for children ideally aged seven and older – but as long as Mammy or Daddy is with the younger ones they should enjoy Seosamh’s Scary Halloween Stories too.

Tickets can be purchased by ringing our Box Office on 090 6482042 or online through our partners Ticketweb.