Tuar Ard Film Club Presents Woman at War

Tuesday 29th October, 8pm, €5

Meet Halla, a music teacher in her forties. She is a happy, upbeat woman who leads a quiet and routine life. But unbeknown to most she is also ‘The Mountain Woman’: a lone wolf environmental activist who disrupts the operations of an aluminium plant in the Icelandic highlands, by cutting power supply and damaging pylons in acts of industrial sabotage.

 As the authorities intensify their campaign to catch her she receives an update on a long forgotten adoption application- she has been matched with a four-year-old girl in the Ukraine.  Can she reconcile this with her crusade to protect her homeland from big industry or will her efforts destroy her chances of finally becoming a mother?

 A funny, moving and utterly unique film.

Director: Benedikt Erlingsson

Runtime: 101 minutes

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Language:Icelandic (English Subtitles)

Certificate: 12A

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