“Conscious Awakening” – Art Exhibition by Helena O’Connor

On Friday 6th December, artist Helena O’Connor launched her new visual arts exhibition in the Bob Traynor Gallery, titled “Conscious Awakening”. Helena paints because she loves it, and because painting allows her escapism from reality. She has obtained a freedom when she paints because she does not confine herself to themes, surfaces, or medium. Even though her present work is more abstract, it is ever changing and by not confining herself to one technique or one theme – she has a freedom to push and follow the paint wherever it needs to go. When Helena starts a painting, she does not have any preconceived idea about what she is going to do. She starts painting and usually the colour or the shape will guide her to the next step. Visit the exhibition in the Bob Traynor Gallery in Tuar Ard on Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm up until the 10th of January – free and open to all!