Tuar Ard Film Club Presents A Bump Along the Way

Tuesday 18th February, 8pm, €5

When Pamela, a free-spirited, fun-loving 44-year-old single mother, becomes pregnant from a one-night stand, she is shocked! But not as shocked (and horrified) as her straight-laced teenage daughter Ally, who finds her mother’s behaviour embarrassing at the best of times.

As both women have to come to terms with the impending new arrival, they are forced to face some home truths about themselves and each other. Pamela is pushed to finally stand up for herself against a bullying ex, as well as her judgemental daughter and the baby’s dad, while Ally faces an identity crisis and the awkward twists and turns of first love. A charming, warm, authentic film about family and the unexpected challenges life throws at us all.

Tickets are available on the door on the night of the screening – no pre-booking is required.