Each picture will need to have an eye-hook positioned one inch from the top-of-the-frame, with title and price.


  1. The Title of the Exhibition.
  2. Medium
  3. Launch Date
  4. Finish Date
  5. Who will launch the Exhibition and at what time.
  6. Background info / blurb about Artist & Exhibition, and exhibits to date.


Artist responsible for Mailing List / Posters / Cataloguing and Refreshments.

Delivery and collection
  • Exhibitions should be delivered to the venue by the exhibitor.
  • Exhibitions should be collected by the exhibitor.
  • Exhibitors should make suitable arrangements with the venue prior to collection.
  • All exhibits must be insured by the exhibitor/s as they are not insured by the gallery. Tuar Ard will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to paintings.
  • The exhibitor must supply publicity images and information, at least four weeks before the opening date, for the gallery to produce a poster and contact relevant outlets. The exhibitor to look after his/her own publicity in conjunction with venue.
  • If the exhibitor wishes to have a private view, this must be arranged in advance with the gallery (by appointment only)
  • Hanging is carried out by artist. Exhibitors must make staff aware of any specific hanging/display requirements or requests, which will be acted upon at our discretion. Hanging of exhibition to take place during working hours.